Certification gotcha – I !

Recently i have completed the certification SCJP 5 (after putting lots of TIME).

A discussion about it provoked me to do some analysis.
I thought about, can we really measure the effect of certifications on adding value to oneself?
When i say ‘adding value’, i strictly mean adding the insight of technology not just adding a logo in CV.
I do not refer to market value also as i am still skeptical about it.(For HRs & PMs –> do you really bother while hiring about it? please put your answer in comment)

I have written down some points about what i actually gained & missed while preparing certification.

Just making certification doesn’t necessarily makes you an technology expert.
It just makes aware next person that you are syntactically well aware with language.
(provided you have not hacked it through dumps !!)

About 10%-20% of exam questions can be solved purely on basis of presence of mind.
There you just need to look carefully about correct number of braces, case sensitive identifiers. I believe those questions has to be removed from exams, as they have nothing to do with aptitude.
Instead focus should be on new added features. Even if its not used in daily programming activities, it will make aware oneself of them.

For instance take SCJP exam , to be precise SCJP 5.0 ,
this exams doesn’t focus on intresting & useful features like java.util.concurrent package which is useful for real stuff.

I dont know why exam objective lacks this feature. SUN really need to take care of it.
And Microsoft is a way ahead of SUN. Some of my great friend have done MCP, MCSD, MCAD
in weeks time. Sometimes they have purposefully missed 1-2 questions in order
no to get 100 %.
The same questions is repeated over a period of time looses its gist and just becomes a menial work.


~ by guidedbyinstinct on July 26, 2008.

One Response to “Certification gotcha – I !”

  1. I’ve been a hiring manager for many years and in my company, certifications are highly valued – providing of course the experience also reflects the cert. Even new people coming into the industry for entry level jobs, we at least require them to have their A+ cert.

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